The structure is in zincate and painted gray coloured, so the swimming pool can maintain this structure unaltered for a long time.
The perimetric border is a tubular of zincate metal. The planning solution that we adopt makes these swimming pools strong and reliable and it permits to execute the assembly in a maximal time of 30 minutes with the presence of only two people.
The buttresses: the parts that give the perfect stability to our swimming pools are the curved supports of the structure that make a sure grip at the ground and the seal rods with some curveted tubes in the length and in the breadth.
The length of fabric is sustained by the superior perimetric border and it is in yarn of polyester bispreaded by pvc treated against the mould and U.V. rays.

Every model will be furnished with the relative material of filtration and maintenance composed by: sand filter ( immersion filter- on demand), valve, pump with pre-filter, skimmer, inflow openings, water plug on the bottom, tubes and connecting valvues, painted ladder, mud vacuum, telescopic rod, floating tube, net for the leaves, brush for the walls, thermometer, Cl/pH analyser.

Available optional: cover, shower, underwater light, protective box for the filtration's equipments, control panel, solar panels, automatic cleaner, chemical products.


The simplicity of assembly of these models is really unbelievable. For the biggest it takes only 30 minutes without screws and bolts. A real swimming pool with a basin 0.95/1.30 m deep, where swimming is easy and funny, as into a traditional pool. Strong, stable and built with innovative substances and for long time unalterable materials, our circular pools adapt themselves to every kind of environment thanks to the numerous and various dimensions available. A complete series of purposely projected accessories, make these pools more and more functional.
Circular model
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Created with a computerized project they represent the top of the series. Elegant, functional, with refined design, they are quickly and easily assembled without any use of screws and bolts. These kinds of pools adapt themselves to every environment without the necessity of any building permit. A basin 1.05/1.25/1.47 m deep permits to swim as into a traditional pool. They are also built with innovative and unaltered materials and they offer an unbelievable guarantee of duration.
Rectangular model
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