Filtri a cartuccia

The instantaneous cartridge filter Cullwater are equipments suitable for solving, with a few opening costs and a relatively elevated water supply, the problems of the most difficult finishing touch, due to precipitation of iron, sand, not colloidal turbidity, unpleasant tastes, smells, colours and corrosions. The filters are in transparent material (SAN) and they allow a visual control and a rapid change of the cartridge if the conditions require it. This operation is allowed by a valve of depressurization on the top of the filter.

The Filter "CULLFILL" can use many typologies of cartridges:

  • From 100 to 50 micron to remove the turbidity
  • From 20 micron to obtain water suitable for almost every domestic use
  • From 10 micron to obtain a clearness typical of the laboratory
  • From 5 to 1 micron for an exceptional physical pureness for highly specialized uses

The filters with "CULLBON" cartridge with activate carbon, characterized by high porosity and a granular aspect, are particularly suitable to sure the absorption of smells, tastes and colours that are present in the water. They principally work as chlorine catalysts (cause of unpleasant smell) and on the organic macro-molecules (cause of undesirable tastes).

The "CULLSILI" cartridge filters (only of the industrial use) for acid waters or for poorly mineralized zones or at high conductibility waters, rich of chloride and other salts, protect the tubes from corrosion, the boilers and the metallic structures of whole systems, melting in proportion at the water that they cross.

The "CULLMITE" cartridge filters of mineralization with calcium carbonate and magnesium semi-calcinated are particularly suitable for drinkable, acid or poorly mineralized waters. This treatment permits a natural and spontaneous reaction of solubility in the consumption of Cullmite, proportional at the acidity present in the water (CO2) with calcium and magnesium oxides, obtaining a neutral salt (bicarbonate) that gives water a pH 7.

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