The environmental contamination caused by nitrates is increasing in these last few years becoming a huge and relevant problem caused by the progressive and uncontrolled increase of their presence in the soil and in the deep and superficial waters. The reason of the worrying phenomena must be searched in many directions but principally in the always most frequent use of nitrogenous fertilizations in the agriculture, it the increase of the volume of the human and animal wastes and in the industrialization's process that brings about industrial wastes with high concentration of nitrogenous components which, percolating the ground, usually contaminate also the deepest ground water tables. In the last few years many scientists have put their attention on many important researches about the presence of nitrates in the water, and they now consider these substances very dangerous for the health and essentially for their effect on the methemoglobins and on the cancers.


The excessive presence of the nitrates makes a corrosive action towards zinc and tin, creating considerable inconveniences in some technological activities. The experts have also observed that when a considerable quantity of nitrates accumulates into an electroplated tank of water and you make it pass into electroplated tubes you could have a huge development of nitrites (NO2-) for the reduction of the nitrates and this process is often wrongly attached to the pollution. The nitrates, in according to the regulations in force, are allowed in the drinkable water til to 50 mg/l NO3-, instead in some technological uses their concentration could be considerably lower.

The double body Cullwater denitrificators are completely automatic equipments that are used for the selective removing of nitrates and sulphates or of nitrates only. This transformation is due to our particular and specific anionic resin in form as Cl– with ionic change, highly selected in the granulometry for a long duration and a minim consumption of regeneration (sodium chloride), necessary for the reactivation, called "A200E" for the change of nitrates and sulphates and "A520E" for the change of sulphates only.
The double body Cullwater denitrifications are built in 34 completely automatic models with connections of 3/4'' till 3'' with time command or volume command.

Time command: The time command makes the regeneration of the denitrificator start in precise hours and on the grounds of supposed water's consumptions. If the consumptions are variable and unpredictable the regeneration can be effected in advance (waste of regeneration) or in late (leakage of nitrates and sulphates in service).
Volumetric command: The volumetric command makes the regeneration of the denitrificator start when the resins exhaust their capacity of change with evident conservation of regenerator.

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