A constant filtration of the water permits to maintain the pool clean and assures the wellness for the users.
Only through the installation of good-quality pumps for swimming pools and through an opportune capacity of water it is possible to guarantee an optimal level of filtration and purification by the system.
The body of the pumps for swimming pool of Cullwater s built in reinforced techno polymer; the cover is in transparent polycarbonate and the impeller in noryl with fiberglass and put in inox steel 303. The fastening is permitted only by inox steel knobs. Motor protection IP 54, F class.

Connections : 1.1/4” - 2” - Dimensions: 422 x 180 x H. 255 mm.
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Connections: 2” - Dimensions: 550/580 x 210 x H. 271 mm.
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