The softening of water is a process that totally or partially transforms the salts of Calcium and Magnesium, present in the hard water, into salts of sodium (soluble and not encrusting)

The softeners are completely automatic systems that use our particular resin called "Cullion", selected for a long duration and a minimal consumption of regenerating agent necessary for their reactivation.

The softeners Cullwater, based on the requirements of the customer, are available in the cabin versions, double body and duplex and they can have time command, volume command and at drinkable use.

The time command makes the regeneration of the softeners start by intervals of fixed days in according to the habitual consumptions of water. If these consumptions are not constant, the regeneration can be late or in advance, so there is a lot of waste of regenerative agent or causing leak of hard water in the exit from the treatment. In this situation the volumetric command is preferable.

The volumetric command makes the regenerative agent of the softeners start when the resins reach the minimal level of their capacity of change, improving the regenerating's consumptions.

he S series, for the softening of the water for drinkable use, respects the ministerial parameters for the systems with domestic use. This series of softeners uses a generator of Chlorine gas for the auto-disinfection and a system of mixture of the hardness with the possibility to be coded by the installer or a final user.

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Technical features of Softener Show