The solar panel of Cullwater permit to economically warm the water of the swimming pool and to increase the period of utilization and the comfort. The solar collectors can be easily installed also in private and public pools and they don't need particular operations of maintenance, except their winter emptying if there is the risk of freezing.

The materials with which they are realized guarantee an optimal resistance from the corrosion and the necessary stiffness for a good duration. Thanks to their good esthetical impact, the solar panels for swimming pool adapt themselves to every situation (gardens, terraces and canopies).

Every battery of panels includes all the elements necessary for the assembly, the connectors to link to the circuit of the pool, using the capacity of the recirculation pump. In order to permit an adequate thermical output, the surface of the systems of the solar panels has to correspond at least the 50 % of the pool's one.
A different way of installation is possible, as for example the realization of an autonomous system regulated by a thermostat.

The panels have a length of 31 cm.
The collectors of the extremities have a length of 35.3 cm.

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In addition to the warming of the water, the solar panels Cullwater can be used also for the production of warm water used for private shower or by the bathing establishments.




AC to connect a panel with the other
AB for the extremities of the battery
Every panel needs a package of connection "AC"
Every battery needs a package of connection "AB"

TDQE Thermostat with probe holder and electric control panel