Cullwater is a company of second generation which daily renews from over 40 years its own engagement in the treatment of drinking and process water.

Its offer is very rich, forming the solution for every kind of water in the scenery of the modern world increasingly disrespectful towards something as precious as water is.

Its whole line of products for softening, filtering, dechlorination, deironing, demineralization, denitrification, purification, desalination, mineralization, reverse osmosis, sterilization, dosing and monitoring of the chemical-physical values of the water, is built with the most modern technologies and according to the regulations in force.

The extreme quality of the particulars, the accurate selection of the material and the constant perfectibility of the assembly guarantee a high reliability for a long time at its equipments.

Cullwater offers also its own experience for the realization of pools and spas for private and public use.

Cullwater sells its own products, built at its headquarter of Riva del Garda, and is also able to propose customized solutions to their customers with a very competent and dynamic technical service.

With his web site Cullwater answers so to the needs of the customers, that can so always inform about the news of its offer, consult the catalogues and send their requirements.