The problem of water purifying is surely an unsolvable problem if we think about a single answer. Every time there is the necessity to purify water, the attention must be given to the individualization of its own typology. Only after the knowledge of the chemical-bacterial and organoleptic features and the aim of its destination, we could study the correct method to adopt for the purifying process.

Cullwater with its 30 years of experience in the field of purifying of private and public waters uses the following equipments and the most modern technologies:

Our offer is so extremely various, and it would be the optimal solution for the common daily problems and not only, as regard the planning of particular and ad hoc created equipments.

Potabilizzatore comunale
Municipal purifying system

Potabilizzatori autonomi/mobili della Protezione Civile della Provincia di Trento, finalizzati a casi d'estrema emergenza dovuti a calamità naturali
Potabilizzatori autonomi/mobili costruiti per la Croce Rossa Italiana ed Organizzazioni Onlus
Mobile drinking water plants built for the Italian Red Cross and humanitarian relief organizations