Cullwater offers its experience also for the realization of swimming pools in reinforced concrete. This alternative gives an infinite number of possible realizations, which distinguish themselves for the dimensions, the forms and the creativity.

The same recirculation of water can be obtained with a skimmer system and also with a overflow.

Regarding the swimming pool, it can be tiled with liner in PVC or tiles mosaic, with every kind of fantasy and water games in according to your own personal tastes and requirements.

The execution of the whole working, from the planning til to the final realization, happens under our supervision.

Every model will be furnished with the relative filtration and maintenance material composed by::
Sand filter, multiport valve, pump with pre-filter, skimmer or overflow, inlets, main drain, tubes and connecting valves, ladder, vacuum head, telescopic handle, floating tube, leaf net, wall brush, thermometer, Cl/pH analyser.

Available optional: summer/winter cover, shower, underwater lights, illumination by fibres optic, whirlpool system, counter current swimming unit, water games, slide, shower, diving board, technical room, protective box for the filtration's equipments, electric control panel, automatic control of pH and Chlorine, solar panels, automatic cleaner, chemical products.